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A Wedding day is a very special occasion and considered by many to be the most important celebration in one's adult life. There are many aspects to a wedding that need meticulous care with focus on details. Anthony or a team member will meet with you and go over every aspect of the celebration, making sure the Bride & Groom are completely satisfied and happy.

The Ceremony

We can provide music, sound, pictures, and video; everything you need to ensure a memorable ceremony for you and your guests. You can choose your own ceremony music or have us build a playlist that will give an elegant setting to your special moment. We can supply the Bride, Groom, and Officiant with a microphone to make sure your guests will be able to hear every word.

The Cockatil Hour

If needed, we can supply a seperate cocktail system to play music that will create the approriate atmosphere you desire.

The Reception

Our expierenced DJ's have the ability to read your crowd and seamlessly mix the proper songs. Along with a vast library of music and the abiltiy to acuire songs on the spot, you and your guests will be singing and dancing all night long!

Our expierenced MC's will coordinate with the DJ to direct and manage the flow of your event. They can acomplish this while being unobtrusive yet energetic and engaging.


Introductions, toast, first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, bouqet/garter toss, and any other special requests or announcements will be handled by our MC's to your specific needs.

Memorable Moments of Amazing Weddings 
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